Errors while updating widget on App Store

I tried to update my widget however I got these 2 errors: " Warning You can't submit this version since it has the following error(s): Widget package name is already taken. Widget package.xml version does not match the App Store version. " I have also tried rearranging the file structure like this though I still had the same errors: My package.xml on Github: I wonder if anyone knows the solution? Thank you very much! :)
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Hi Shana,

I expect the error to occur because of the release package structure (the mpk file). I usually have the following contents:

  • Widgetname (folder)
    • lib (folder, optional)
    • widget (folder)
      • Widgetname.js
    • Widgetname.xml
  • package.xml


Since the structure of your mpk is completely different, I would try it with the above structure.


Could it be the version? Unfortunately in your screenshot I can not see what you have selected as your update: Major version or minor version?
For minor version it should  be 1.1.0



Hi Shana,

This might be something on our side in the App Store.

Could you create a support ticket for this?