DataTables Widget Search Filter Issue with Attributes in referenced entities

I am using the DataTables widget and have been able to successfully set up a search filter for a regular attribute in my Entity but cannot get a search filter working for referenced entity attributes.  I have a data table of entity 'Projects' that are associated (*-1 respectively) to an 'Accounts' entity where I would like to be able to search filter on the attribute FullName. The full name is displaying in the datatables grid and I followed the same configuration style for the search filter and when I click my 'refresh'/'search' button nothing happens. The Context Entity for the search filter is the string attribute I am using in my wrapper for users to input a search. The attribute name is the name of the attribute in the referenced entity. Finally, the reference name I entered is the same format as on the data source page, ModuleName.Reference_Name. (Operator is contains) Do I have this configured correctly? Can this widget perform search filters on associated entities?
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A couple of thoughts:

From your posting, it seems like you are trying to search an associated entity by setting up configurations in the top of this tab on the widget:

because you said the Operator is contains.  But for references, the configuration should be made in the Ref search filters section.  Maybe you could clarify a bit.

Also, because you are trying to search on Account, you may run into some security issues...the searching user may need rights to manage all users in order to be able to search.  This is because, in the case of user entities, the settings in Project Security | User Roles tab override entity security settings.

Hope that helps,