Change the visible of Feedback widget according to an environment

Hi there! In our project, we would like to use Feedback function in TEST and Acceptance environment. But we wouldn't like to use Feedback widget in Production environment. I tried to control the visible of Feedback widget by using ShowByCondition widget. But Feedback button still appears despite in the application ShowByCondition's microflow return false. Does anyone know how to change the visible of 'Feedback widget' according to an environment? Does anyone have any idea to solve this? Thanks in advance, Satomi
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You can also add a snippet with a dataview (with microflow datasource) around the widget. In that microflow you pass an object containing the DTAP value (development, test, acceptance or production). You can use constants that you can set differently on every environment. Based on the value you can make the widget conditionally visible. On the production enviroment it would invisible.


Hi Satomi,

Why don't you use the HTML/Snippet widget to inject some styling. You can put conditional visiblitiy on the HTML snippet to disable it on production. Here is what you can put in the HTML snippet.

.sprintrFeedbackNode{ display: none; }

I haven't tested it but I see no reason why it should not work.

Hope this helps,