Does the DataTables Widget Demo project have any earlier versions available for download?

I am trying to export the ExportDataTablesToExcel module from the demo project as there is a custom java action I would like to use. The page says that the demo project should work on any version higher than 6.10.2 however when I try to import the ExportDatatablestoExcel module it says that my version of the Mendix modeler needs to be version 6.10.10 or higher. Are there earlier versions of this demo project available so I can use the export module in my project that runs on 6.10.9? Here is a link to the website of the demo project
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You can try checking the releases on github to find an older version. Downloading the .mpk is what you would need.


Also if you just want the java action from this module, you can right click it > export document to file, and that will export the specific java action. Then you can go to your project where you want to import it. Right click the module you want to import it into and click import document from file. Same thing applies to microflows and pages.


I have the widget implemented and almost fully functional, I am looking to add the export to excel java action which is only in their demo project.

I searched the Github and only saw previous versions of the widget (.mpk) file not any older versions of the demo project.

I have tried just exporting the java action alone, but since the project it was a part of was created in 6.10.10 it cannot be imported into a 6.10.9 project.