How to authenticate using DeepLink

I am thinking how to log in (≒ way of authentication) can be implemented as follows. 1. When the URL of the login screen is requested, SSO login screen 2. When DeepLink included in the mail is hit, 2.1. In the case of an employee, requesting SSO authentication, it transits to a certain page. 2. 2. If not an employee, transition to a certain page as anonymous. Does anyone who has controlled MicroFlow like this? Please give me advice.
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I think you take the wrong approach here. Logging in through SSO, deeplinks and anonymous users are three requirements that all result in different things. Anonymous users always start at your standard homepage. SSO users can be redirected to other pages so they could sidestep the anonymous home page. Deeplinks could be used by anonymous users or regular users. If a deeplink is available to that category depends on your security. 

So there is no one magic microflow to do all this for you. You should split up those requirements and define what should be done.