Restrict an application to be installed on a jailbreak/rooted phone using phonegap

Hi, I want to restrict the app to be installed on a jailbreak/rooted phone using phonegap. I tried using cordova-plugin-root-detection  for android in config.xml and added the following script <script> alert('inside rooted script'); var successCallback = function (result) {     var isDevicesRooted = result == 1; alert('inside success callback'); }; var errorCallback = function (error) {     console.error(error); alert('failure callback'); }; rootdetection.isDeviceRooted(successCallback, errorCallback);  It goes into the script and prints the first alert and does not go into sucess/ error callback.  I tried the same for ios with this plugin cordova-plugin-jailbreak-detection. The result is same. I even tried using cordova-plugin-iroot in config, but while building itself, it is throwing error recommending to remove this plugin for both ipa and apk generation. Please suggest if i have to add something extra and also how to block the phonegap app installation to get installed on rooted/jailbreak devices.   Appreciate your response.   Thanks Salma
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