ldap and dropdowns based on roles

I am using the ldap module to sync user accounts.  In my app I have several spots where I have dropdowns that have a list of users based on user roles. Problem I'm having is until a user has logged in so their account in mendix is created/updated, the user name will not be available in the list. Has anyone experienced this or figured out a way to handle this without manual intervention?
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Hi Tracy,

There is an option in the LDAP module to sync user accounts ahead of them logging in. From the documentation:

LDAP type

  •    Import users: Import and synchronize all users based on the configuration. This will make user info available in Mendix
  •    Only authenticate users: This will only authenticate existing Mendix users against the LDAP server, but will not synchronize any information. If a user is not known in Mendix, he cannot login.
  •    Authenticate and create: This will not synchronize users, but if a user that is unknown in Mendix logs in using a valid LDAP authentication, a Mendix user will be created and the user info will be requested from LDAP at that moment.


I'm guessing you're using "Authenticate and create". That first option "Import users" will do what you need I believe. There's also a scheduled task in the module you could enable to run a sync every day.