Integrate chat to web app

Hello nice people,   I'm trying to integrate simple chat functionality to a web app I'm working on and I found this nice widget and wanted to use it because it seemed just about what I'm looking for But when I installed it to the working project I got a lot of errors because some layouts don't exist anymore in the new atlas UI, anyways they were only naming errors so these I could solve. The chatter widget uses sessions to persist messeges but when I tried to run it I got this error "Chatter: An error occurred while retrieving chat session (E1026)". Does anyone have experience working with Chatter? Or does anyone knows about an alternative that I could use?   Thanks in advance!
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Hi Ji,

I was able to reproduce your error. Make sure the user role that you are allowing to send message has the "ChatUser" module role from the Chatter module. 


Once I added that module role the error went away and I was able to send messages to other users that were logged in with this module role.

To test I opened the application in two incognito browser windows. I logged in with two different users that had user roles with the ChatUser module role, and I was able to send messages between the two users. 

Also make sure your project security level is set to at least demo Prototype/demo.

Hope this helps!