I just imported a new module. How can that be undone?

Hi to all of you,   I added the "Excel Importer" to my module without choosing to replace it but chosing to add it. Now, in my project are over 300 Errors and 184 produced! How can that be undone?    Thanks to all of you, Laura
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Just delete the module by selecting it and choose delete. Or if you do not have other changes just download from the teamserver again.




Hi Laura,

This is often the case when importing (large) modules: they can require other modules (like MxReflection for instance) too be imported as well and therefore give you errors that are relatively easily fixed.

In other news: I've seen you post several questions over the past week(s), regarding topics that are (almost) all covered in the online learning modules: I'd recommend you have a go at these, they will save you a lot of time in the end!