Recompile phonegap package after updating entry.js file

So we have some users using Mendix iOS app from remote locations in Africa and due to their slow connection they are experiencing timeout error. I figured out the way to solve this issue is by updating entry.js file under "src\www\scripts" folder. What I did was updated dojoConfig in onConfigReady function: MxApp.onConfigReady(function(config) { dojoConfig.server.timeout = 15000; }); I cannot use auto generated zip file package under "dist" folder instead I would need to recompile package and create new zip file locally. I tried to follow instructions on file given below: $ npm install # install dependencies $ npm run package # prepare `build` directory for ARM $ npm run phonegap:login # login into the PGB service $ npm run phonegap:build:ios but they did not help because zip generated by it does load successfully on phonegap website but then when I download ipa file after building updated package and loaded it onto iPad -app fails to load. App works fine if I do same steps using auto generated zip file under dist folder. Thanks in advance for help!
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