RSA signing supported for JSON Web Token generation

All, Some of you asked on the forum/app store whether it is possible to support JWT (JSON Web Tokens) signed with RSA. I am prepared to have a look at our JWT module and see if we can extend that with RSA support. I am very curious about the implementation that is desired from your side. Would you like to just verify tokens signed with RSA? Would you like to generate tokens signed with RSA? Where do we store the key pair then? In the database, or in a file location (for instance JKS)? Or do we leave that up to the user (a microflow stores the keypair; implementation is up to the user)?   Looking forward to your ideas...  
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Hi Menno


I have a p12 file,how can I use it with your SWT module?

thnx btw great module!


Thanks for your emails with ideas. Implemented support for RSA algorithm in the new release of the JWT module:

Includes an RSA key pair generator for your convencience! Enjoy...