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Hi to you! I need some support from you concerning the change of an already existing widget: The feedback widget! Actually, it is nothing special, but something that I really want to figure out.   As you can see above,  "Issue" per default is located on the left and the first button marked in blue. But I rather want the "Idea"-button marked as blue and be on the left side per default. When opening the Developer view in my browser, I easily detect and switch the buttons by moving the HTML-parts that represent the buttons. But how can I do that permanently? The problem I am facing is that the widget doesn't seem to be stored in my mendix folder, so I cannot find and edit it (but even if I could, do you have an Idea in which program I am able to do that?) Maybe those questions may sound simple to you, but I am really struggling to finde an answer to them. Hope you can help me! Many thanks in advance, Laura
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Hi Laura,

You could probably switch the button placement using css but I don't think you will be able to set idea as the default selection. I think the feedback widget javascript file is loaded externally. There is a custom feedback widget in the appstore that you could try out though. 

To style  the widget refer to this question.


custom feedback widget


Hope this helps!