Push notifications device registration not working

Hi all, I m trying to use the Push Notifications module in my application. I have build an Android phone app, and installed in on my Android phone. Further I followed the instructions on Mendix documentations about the Push Notifications. I am using Mendix 7.2.0. I created also Server key and API key through FireBase, and as it was mentioned in the Mendix documentation, I did the settings in the configuration tab in my mendix application. The problem is that as I log in my application on the Android phone, the device does not come in the device list in my application. I doesn`t register the device in my application. Can anyone help me how can I register the device? Any help is appreciated. Regards, 
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Hi Ahmad, you need to debug your app on Android, see chapter 4.3 in Debug a Mobile App with Mendix

Then check the error messages (if any) in the console of the Chrome Developer Tools.