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Hi guys,   For a project I use the questionnaire module to create checklists. However, it needs to work offline on a tablet because the users fill them on the go on places where is no (stable) internet coverage. Working towards that I encountered a few problems/challenges. Maybe you can help me. My idea is to create a questionnaire output first and then start the application in the offline modus. I encountered the following problems.   List views with templates are not supported on pages that are accessible through the offline profile. Reference sets cannot be used on pages that are accessible through the offline profile. The custom widgets Association radio button list and simple checkbox set selector are not allowed in offline pages.   My idea was to open every single question in a new page and dependant on the question type send it to the right page, but this also did not work out because inheritance is also not allowed in offline modus.   Do you have any ideas to make it work?
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Hi Jacob,


I've created something similar as a demonstration application. It was a simplified questionaire module, as the current incarnation is overly complex and is often an overkill. What i do is have template questions and then questions/answers for a user.

You can use listviews offline and they can be editable, however you can't use a datasource flow to create the questions. The best approach is to create the questions in the background using a microflow and assign these questions to your users. 

You don't need to open each question on a single page because the Mendix listview supports editable mode.

You can use snippets to give different type of questions. In the snippet you can use conditional visibility to show certain type of questions.

Take a look at the example application here:




Hi Simon,

Thanks for your reply. Your example makes it a bit easier to understand what you mean. I still have some questions. 

I do agree with you that the current module is unnecessarily complex. How did you simplify the model? Do you only have a model with template questions and questions/answer for a user?

And how did you work around the generalization problem? Listviews are usable but it is not possible to use templates for the different generalizations. 

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