ldap case sensitivity

Hi,  I have been using ldap with Ldap type: Authenicate Users and Create.   Using this, users are created all lowercase, ie tracy.corson I'd like to change the ldap type to Import Users. When I did this, I got duplicate entries. All imported entries were propercase such as Tracy.Corson. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to prevent this from happening during the next import? I'd like to keep the original lowercase accounts as they have login history associated with them at this point. When I look at AD the names are all lower case so it's unclear to me why the Import comes through as propercase, whereas the original option maintained lowercase.  Edit: I just did an Import in a different application, using Mendix 7.6.0 (above was 6.10.4) and usernames came through as lowercase in that app.  The app I'm having issues with has usernames that are already selected in many dropdowns, which is another reason why I'd like to maintain the original accounts created.  Thanks, Tracy
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