error in Open Authentication Module

At Oauth configuration step 12 (navigate to and login with your Admin account) my browser gives an error:   The 'cacheBust' parameter is missing. Update the index page in the theme by adding the cachebust to the 'dojoConfig' and to every url pointing to a static resource (e.g. scripts and stylesheets). See index-example.html in the deployment/web directory for an example of what the index page should look like.
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It means you have to edit the index.html in the Theme folder. Think there is a placeholder for that cacheburst. Do not know what should be entered to replace it.



i added



            dojoConfig = {

                isDebug: false,

                useCustomLogger: true,

                async: true,

                baseUrl: "mxclientsystem/dojo/",

                cacheBust: "636702985574099939",

                rtlRedirect: "index-rtl.html"




in the body of index.html, index3.html and the admin.html, which solved the problem.


Previously i had added it only in index.html, but that was not enough