XSUAA requires Aministration.Account entity

Hey everyone, recently I am playing around with the XSUAA module and cleaning up my project explorer. So I re-loaded the SAP Authentification module (XSUAA) and got several errors, every of them stating that "The selected entity Administration.Account no longer exists." It seems that accidentally, I deleted this entity when deleting one of the modules of the App Store Modules. The only one I could find having this entity was "AppCloudServices", but I don't think that this module is the one of which the XSUAA module is dependant. I do have the odata connector installed just as in the documentation described. So, do you know how to overcome this?  Regards and many thanks, Laura
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There is an 'Administration' module in the AppStore. By default a project starts with that.

This module also contains the Account entity.

However, if you don't actually use the Account entity you might just change the XSUAA module and point it to whatever entity you're using as a specialisation of User.