Best practice for building app with SAP Cloud Platform XSUAA Connector (sapauthentication module)

We're just starting another project and this one is going to run on SAP cloud. For user management Mendix provides the 'Administration' module - however, that almost never suits the final requirements for a project. As modifications of app store modules are bad practice I'd like to replace the Administration module - but this one is used by the sapauthentication module. Second option that comes to mind is inheriting from Account in a custom module - but again this is a bad practice (double inheritance). Is there any other solution out of this, or can we really only chosse between bad or worse?
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Replacing the Administration module provided by Mendix with a custom Administration module which holds an entity called Account which inherits from System.User should do the trick? The actual account is created with a microflow called CreateUser.

Other option could be to create a reference with account to hold any additional details