Microflow Timer Autosave

Hello! I am trying to implement an "autosave" feature using the Microflow Timer widget.  Our microflow is triggered every 1 minute.   If I am typing in a form input field when the timer triggers the microflow, the data I am inputting is deleted, and disappears from the screen.  Does anybody know of a solution for this issue?
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Hi Andrea,

For this situation you can create an helper entity with a 1-1 relation with the object you want to autosave/commit. When you create an object of the entity which you want to autosave, also create an helper object and relate it to the object you want to autosave. Put a dataview on your screen in which you retreive the auto helper object over association:

In the microflow behind it retrieve the head object over assocation, commit it without refresh and it works like a charm without your input being deleted.

Kind Regards,