Audit trail not working for enum values

I have Audit trail configured for multiple entities in application. Its working fine(showing logs) for all data types except Enum. For Enum types, its not recording logs correctly. Example I have an enum with values a,b,c. When i change value from a-b or a-c or b-c audit log records change. But when i change value from b-a or c-a, its not recording the change. Meaning changing value to first entry in enum is not recorded. This is happening across application.  (I dont have any default values set to these enums) Please suggest required fix.
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Hello Sowmya,

Sounds like this is a bug either with the way Mendix records change or with the Audit module.

I suggest raising this with the module's devs (you can raise it at and perhaps working around it for the time being. You could add another value to the enum and put it at the top if your end user never sees a dropdown of it, or you could handle that as it's own separate flow and create your own audit trail object on change if that specific case is happening.

Hope this helps.