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We have a problem with the performance in one of our applications. We are using a page with different tabpages were we show a lot of data. With initial opening the page all the data off the different tabbpages is loaded. The standard functionality of Mendix is that the data of a tabpage is loaded when you open the tabpage (Lazy load). But when using the widget (DataGridColumnSearch) the data of all the tabpages, were we use this widget, is loaded.     Widgetnaam:  Data Grid Search Filters Link Appstore: https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/32075/ Link Github:  https://github.com/tieniber/DataGridColumnSearch   We want to adjust the widget so it has the 'Lazy load'- functionality. But to do this, we need to know how the loading functionality of a datagrid on a page works.
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I think I read somewhere, that if you put any custom widget on a tabpage, lazy loading will no longer work.

I don't know where I found that piece of information, though. If I can remember I'll add it.

regards, Fabian


That is true, I also read that. Thats why we want to know how Mendix loads for example a datagrid, but also what the reason is why the lazy loading functionallity is overwritten when a custom widget is placed on a tabpage. 


So that we can adjust this particullar widget.


I would raise a support call for this because this kind of knowledge only some specialist at Mendix can answer this for you. It would indeed be nice if widget could use this functionality.




You could try this widget to see if you can create some kind of workaround: https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/50833/Appronto/Dataview-Loader

Because this might help you to at least already show the main tab. And it gives a visual clue that when switching to the heavy load tab it is still processing.