How does Proces Queue automatic retry behavior trigger.

Hey everyone, I've got a question about the Proces Queue regarding the automatic retry behavior. The documentation states the following: "The module will keep retrying exponentially for up to 11 retries. Initial retry will have a delay of 1 second (2^0), the second retry will take (2^1) seconds and the nth retry (2^n-1) seconds for a maximum of 2^10 = 1024 seconds for a combined total of 2047 seconds (=34 minutes) which is excessive but finite on purpose."  I would like to make use of this behavior if it's already built in anyway. But I'm not sure how to actually trigger this behavior. When my queued action microflow ends in an end event with a false boolean. It ends up in the 'Cancelled' category with the description: 'Finished with Errors'. And If I throw an exception during the microflow it ends up in the same category with the same description. But neither of these scenarios seem to trigger the retry behavior. And I would like to have a way of saying: "this queued action failed". according to a succes boolean of a webservice call in the Queued Action microflow. I did see the release notes of the process queue and noticed the following: "Removed full retry mechanism and replaced by preprocessing of actions before appending them to the queue."  There's also a mention that there's a constant for the max amount of retries in a previous version of the module. But this constant appears to be removed. So is this just not in the module anymore and would I need to model the retry behavior myself or am i missing something? I'm using version 4.1 of the Proces Queue module, in a Mendix 7.18.1 project.
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Hello Larn,

Looks to me like it was replaced.

You can always take a previous version and use that or copy the mechanism from there if you need it. If the previous version is not available in Mendix, Github will have it.