How best to update modules from the App Store and does at add any new value?

Hello, We're looking to build multiple apps over the coming year, but with it questions arise about the implementation of some standard App Store modules like the Email, DeepLink, SAML, Encryption and ExcelImport modules and perhaps others. When, after a while, we've got (for example) 10 apps in production and we would like to implement the newest version of the SAML module in all of these. In the first place, is it usefull to want to implement a newer version of these kind of modules? Are they going to add any new added value over the current one when they'll see an update or are the advantages trivial compared to the hassle of overwriting every module for all apps? Secondly, is there any other, more easy way, of updating App Store modules with their latest updates to all of my apps at once or at least a faster, more secure way of doing it? Thanks for any ideas, input or feedback!
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Hi Melvin, 

First of all new (major) versions of the Mendix modeler are likely to trigger appstore module updates too. But then you can wait to implement it with your upgrade to the new version.

Next to that functional expansion and sometimes issue fixing lead to new version. Than it is up to you to decide to (not to) update your appstore modules. 

Updating appstore modules should not be a hassle if you comply to the pattern of doing all(!) your modifications in in a separate module, using the provided examples/extension points. As soon as you start doing changes in the appstore-module itself you are lost....

Hope this helps,