CSV Export: Retrieve top result and its associated data in Excel exporter module

Hello all, I am using excel exporter module from Appstore to create csv file export. I want to retrieve latest record/object from the database and its associated entities. I retrieved this latest object from microflow and used this object in Settings. When I see my exported results, its retrieving all data instead of data related to latest object from database(Input object from settings). How to put filter on latest data. I also checked the constraint option available in settings, there neither I can write any query to get top 1 results or select the options available to filter latest result.     How to get top one row(T_Counter column ordering) for entity and its associated entities. Any one come across this issue?    
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I think the easiest way is to export this with a custom microflow and use the java action: XLSReport.GenerateExcelDoc

In this java action you will have to give an input object. This input objects needs a reference to your 'latest object' .

In the Excel eport template you first set the input object, then in the 'work sheet' settings you set the object you want in the export as the row object. See the example below, the test entity is the entity you want in your excel:

Also check your security, the user that executes this microflow needs to have read acces on the enity and reference.