Tab Extension widget - Can this be used to a conditionally add a custom badge to a Tab?

Hi, I need to add a badge to Tab, alerting the user that there is information on that Tab. I was looking to use the Tab Extension widget from the AppStore for that as it shows the added badge with a 4 in it on Tab. Can this indeed be done with this widget? If yes, where do I store the extra badge html (<span class ...)? And is it possible to show this conditionally? Lot's of questions :-) Thanks! Toon
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Yes , you can do this!

You use the tabname widget and set an attribute from you context entity to create a tab name. In this attribute you can set the html like the <span class="badge">4</span> from the example image. The widget wil render this to look like the example. 

By setting this attribute with a microflow you can edit if the html and number needs to be added and therefore make it conditionally visible.