Excel Importer module limits

Are there any guidelines or limits for the Excel Importer related to the size of the file or the number of records being imported?  I have a file with over 120,000 records that is approximately 25MB in size that I'm going to need to import.
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From my experience the excel importer should be ablt to import 100k records.

Depending on your use case it might be usefull to import the file into an helper entity. That way, after the import(conversion from excel to the helper entity) you can do the processing and validation to your domain model with microflows in batches.


It depends on several variables, like how many columns are you reading and the size of your infrastructure. I've seen the performance of importing degrade with large files, so importing lines 99k-100k is much slower than liens 0-1k. This might be solved in recent Mendix versions

Several 10k lines should not be a problem, but I would just go ahead and test it. Also take the growth of data over time into account. Will you always import, say 100k lines, or will this grow over time?

I consider it a best practice to import the data in staging tables so you can add sanitize and validate the data your importing, like Maarten already mentioned.