Hi, I use SSO/SAML module on a project and it works very well. I use Deeplink also to use encrypted link into email notification and it works also. Now I would like to combine both, it mean that our internal users, when they receive notification emails with links, when they click on it I would like that SSO automaticely recognize and authentificate theim but also redirect to a specific page due to a GET var transmitted in the url. As I can see : if I use SSO block me with message "Unsupported action was requested, only [login, delegatedAuthentication, logout, assertion, metadata, discovery] are supported."If you have an idea ?   Many thanks    
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What's currently entered in your Deeplink.LoginLocation constant?
By default this is empty but the documentation mentions that you can set this to: ../SSO/login?f=true&cont=

which should redirect you to the deeplink again after the user has passed the login location.

Here's the documentation on it: 

"If login is required, this constant defines where to use can enter his credentials. If empty, the default login page of the deeplink module (resources/login.html) is used. 

If not empty, it is assumed that after login, the user will be redirected to the deeplink again. For this reason the provided url is appended with the original deeplink."


Hi Vincent, if you have role based homepages you need te make sure that the Deeplink Home sub microflow is also used in  these role based microflows. After the login through SSO the user is known and handled through their respectively navigation.


-EDIT 14 jan 2019-

Does your navigation settings per userrole look something like this? You can see the microflow with the deeplink action for userrole Operations. You could debug this of course after logon/SSo and find out why the deeplink is not executed?




First of all many thanks for your interest, I will try but I am not sure that it will be solution of my problem :

The fact is that when the user click on the email I don't want any login process. The SAML SSO url means that the user is aitomaticly identify , so the thing I want to do is to transport  the GET var value through the SSO SAML and start the Deeplink after





Hi Sjors

Yes it’s exactly like that

When I am Anonymous redirection to the Microflows Works

When I am Validator the Microflow “RedirectValidators” is not exectuted



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Many Thanks