Using excel datas by importing it through upload button

Hello, In my app, I need to upload one excel data each time that I create an object, and send an e-mail to the addresses contained in the excel.  My first intuition was to use the excel importer, but I don’t see how I could link the excel uploading and the treatment of the excel datas at the same time.  I need both to upload the excel each time that I create my object, and to send the e-mail to the excel’s addresses just after.  Could you help me in the way to do that properly ?  Thank you, Dan
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Did you see the Example folder in the ExcelImporter module? It contains an example on how to import an excel file in a microflow. It's called ImportTemplateDocument. You can use this to build your own custom flow.

Simply make sure you have a template for importing, retrieve that as an object and have a filedocument object with the excel file. Use the same Java action to import the file with that template and add all other custom logic you prefer.