LDAP module - use thumbnailPhoto

We are using the appstore LDAP module to retrieve user data from AD and would like to also retrieve the contents of the thumbnailPhoto AD field which seems to contains Binary image data. However, when mapping the thumbnailPhoto field to a String field (WorkerImage) we encounter an error during LDAP sync implying that the data is not in the expected format. An: The given value '[B@27c571f3' with type 'class [B' is not of the same type as the member corresponding with the given member name 'WorkerImage' error occured. Imported X users, deactivated 0 users. Some errors occurred, therefore groups and users where not cleaned up correctly. Please fix the errors in the log and synchronize again. Mapping to a Binary field is not possible in the LDAP module (and would create additional challenges since we would require a system.image in the end). Any thoughts/ideas? Thanks! EDIT: Mendix Support states that the LDAP app store module does not support the sync of this attribute. If you know of alternative solutions this would be appreciated. EDIT: Created an extension on the LDAP app store module that retrieves the image.     
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Map it to a string and use the community commons Base64 decode of the string to create the binary again. This is offcourse assuming that the picture is Base64 encoded (but I think that it is).