Manipulate HTML title

I’ve got some widget to change the title of the document, _updateRendering: function (callback) { logger.debug( + "._updateRendering"); if (this._contextObj !== null) { if(this._contextObj.get(this.attr_title)!=null){ //mx.ui.getContentForm().title=str_title; document.title=this._contextObj.get(this.attr_title); }else{ document.title=this.str_title_original; } } else { document.title=this.str_title_original; } this._executeCallback(callback, "_updateRendering"); },   I know you can change it in the microflow using …     But how can I manipulate it via JavaScript, as this will inter page title manipulation, as well as enable the page title to be change based on variables/attributes etc, which the microflow show page action does not support, the page widget thing (mx.ui.getContentForm()) keeps on overriding changes made, so I’m just a slight bit too early in my manipulation of the title   How can I fix this?  
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Maybe you could check how it was done in this widget:

It seems it does not work anymore in Mx7 but from the text of the author he encountered the same problem as you.