How to pass an object via clickable container?

I have a list widget, which represents different objects. I need to open the Details page and pass an object from the list there. It works perfectly using “open page button”, but I need to do it using ClickableContainer widget from the store. The clickable container allows me to open a page, but it doesn’t pass an object there automatically. It also allows me to call a microflow, so I created a microflow with one parameter for the object, and “show page” node, which passes this object to the Details page, but it seems that ClickableContainer didn’t pass the object to the microflow, because I see the following error: “Microflow should not have parameters” Is there a way to pass an object from one page to another using ClickableContainer? Thank you in advance!
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The Clickable Container widget comes with two versions – with context and without context.  It seems like you are using the without context version.  If you use the with context version of the widget, you’ll be able to pass a parameter to your microflow.

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Thank you very much, Mike!