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Could you just let me know the steps to be included to setup the email. Could you please the screen shots if you can for the sending the mail from the mendix.   Thanks in advance!
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When downloading a new module from the app store, there is a tab that's called “Documentation”. You can usually find steps there to make the module work. Assuming you used the e-mail module with templates, the steps are as follows:


  • Download the Mx Model reflection module from the App Store.
  • Download and configure the Encryption module from the App Store.
  • Add the snippet Administration to a custom page in a different module.
  • View the example in the '_USE_ME > _Examples' folder, create a duplicate of it to your own module and make it fit your needs.
  • Sub_CreateAndQueueEmail (preferred for normal environments, this will send the email in the background using a scheduled event)
  • Sub_CreateAndSendEmail (preferred for sandbox environments, sends an email directly; this approach will block the users flow and doesn't include retry when sending failed).
  • Post-deployment: After deploying, you have to set up your email settings and insert your own email templates using the newly created navigation items under Administrator.
  • Go to the 'MxObjects_Overview' and synchronize the objects. Make sure you do this every time when you have added new objects.

Source: https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/259/


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