Ldap problem

I have ldap sync running in several applications successfully. However, in one app, some users can log in and some cannot. The log indicates they are using the wrong password though I’ve asked them several times to check and they swear they are entering the correct password.  For one user, in the past, restarting her computer resolved the issue, but that is not working now. Her last successful log on was on 3/6. I had 2 other users, with the same role as the first user, try logging in.  One of them is successful, one is not. I am successful logging in with my ldap account as is another user. We both have more roles than the others I’ve listed above. With the users that are unable to login, the Mendix account view does not show anything under the Failed Login column. We are running 7.20.1 though this issue occurred before migrating to 7.  Any ideas what might be causing this?
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My gut feeling is that this problem is not caused on the Mendix side. I would ask the LDAP admin to turn on the logs on the LDAP side and let the user try to log in to monitor it to see if they can see something strange on their end.