Mendix Push notifications connector - app integration

Dear all, I’m currently trying to implement a “Heads-up notification” for an android app. There is one module in the app store, which seems to contain the needed functionality: “Push Notifications Connector”. I imported this app including the two dependencies. After importing, there are 20 remaining errors, of which I manage to solve the ones, where the ‘NavigationLayouts.PopupLayout’ doesn’t exist and the ones where  ‘NavigationLayouts.PopupLayout.Content’ doesn’t exist. But there are a couple of Errors I don’t get rid of.  The three main issues are: The selected entity ‘MyFirstModule.Test’ no longer exists The selected page ‘MyFirstModule.OnlinePageWithContext’ no longer exists The selected page ‘MyFirstModule.OnlinePageWithoutContext’ no longer exists   Those pages and the entity must be part of the app, but they seem to be missing... Does anyone know this issue? How can I solve this? I tried to look up the ‘Push Notifications Connector Demo’, but it seems not to be available. Thanks for your support!
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You wouldn’t need it for a basic push notification implementation. Go to Online_snippet and Offline_snippet and remove it from Notification Actions tab. That will get rid of the error.


Hello Christoph,

Unfortunately judging by the module names to me it looks like the pages were used for internal testing. 

You can try to replace them yourself with your own display pages, or you could raise this as an issue against the module’s github page.

Hope this helps