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Hi, it is not possible to select an entity ( by example on the add button or , i can select go to page); What i’m forgetting to do? Make a dataview?) 1The selected page 'TrainingEvent_Overview' expects an object of type 'TrainingEvent', which is not available here.Property 'On click' of menu item 'Training_Event'Navigation-
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Restart your training from the beginning and your issue will be solved.

a dataview requires an object of type, it is probably available in your grid or microflow from where you are calling the page object.



So if I'm correct you have a go to page button which goes to ‘TrainingEvent_Overview’?

If that page contains a dataview as a page parameter the page expects that object. Overview pages mostly don't contain a dataview if I'm correct, mostly a datagrid or list view. So maybe you have a wrong setup for the ‘TrainingEvent_Overview’ page.


Can you maybe share a screenshot of the page so we can help you a bit more.


According to the rapid developer learning path, there is one rule when it comes to pages with a data view: they need an object of the same entity that is connected to the data view to work. 

  1. go to the navigation
  2. double click to your menu item
  3. on click: call a microflow (give it a clear name to remeber the function that it is expected to do)
  4. select an action activity and place it on the flow
  5. double click and search for the show page activity and on page select the page that you need (in your case 'TrainingEvent_Overview')
  6. now select again an action activity and place it on the flow BEFORE the above show page activity that you just created
  7. search for the create object activity, double click, select the entity (in your case TrainingEvent), click ok
  8. again to the show page activity,double click, object to pass, click the dropdown and select the object which you just created