URL Redirector issue

Hello,   Users of our application are expierencing the following issue when the  applicaiton wants to redirect the user from one app to an other. We are using the URL Redirector to do this. Now at random users dont get redirected to the other app and get stuck on the page where we put the URL redirector widget. The URL redirector on the page uses a URL from attribute. This page is called upon by a microflow and has an object with the URL attribute. This URL attribute is always filled correctly from the microflow.   The following error occours in the browser log (and the only error we can find): Error: multipleDefine     at l (mxui.js:5)     at Xe (mxui.js:5)     at mxui.js:5     at u (mxui.js:5)     at Je (mxui.js:5)     at r (mxui.js:5)     at HTMLScriptElement.<anonymous> (mxui.js:5) (anonymous) @ mxui.js:79   Loading module failed! Check console log for more detailed debug information. (anonymous) @ mxui.js:79   Thanks in advance, Rob
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