Grid Search widget and non persistable objects

Hi, I’m trying the Grid Search However, I couldn’t make it work with non persistable objects. The errors below:   Configuration error in widget: unable to find a list view on the page Could not create widget DataGridColumnSearch.widget.DataGridColumnSearch   Am I missing something?
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I am not sure if Grid Search works with NPEs, however, I think you’ve got a bit of a mix up.  The DataGridColumnSearch widget is from this package: which is different than the one you linked to in your post.  Grid Search has the following widgets:

  • Multifield Search
  • Comparison
  • Dynamic Dropdown
  • Static Dropdown
  • Enumeration Checkbox
  • Association Checkbox
  • Any Search

I would recommend testing with one of these against the NPE grid or listview you are working with and seeing if that works.

Hope that helps,