[SAML] Configure url whithout SSO

Hi,   I use in many projects SAML plugin and all is working fine. But for each project nameoftheproject.mendixcloud.com/SSO I would like to simplify as nameoftheproject.mendixcloud.com/ directly. I don’t now if I can directly manage that in the NETWORK part of my sprint interface or if it is on the network configuration of my company.   Many thanks for your help
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The documentation of the SAML module contains information on how to accomplish this:


SSOLandingPage, You could specify a different landing page here, for example: When you would like to redirect all user, accessing the application url, to the Saml login.  This requires you to change the index.html page by adding '<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=/SSO/" />', you don't want to end up on 'index.html' again after a login attempt.  By changing this constant to '/index3.html', you'll land on index3.html instead of index.html.  Off course you will need to add an 'index3.html' page to your theme in this case! (You can copy the original index.html into index3.html) “