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Hello, Could any one lease help me how to use Multiselect Bootstrap widget some error i am facing. is this process correct or something else i should fill or how can i use this for the multi select option.   Thanks in advance!
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There is an error in the Multi Select Source attribute. As is indicated in the appstore documentation of the widget, you should select a reference set association. Currently, you just selected a customer, without an association.

Multi Select Source: The reference set association, starting from the dataview object.


For example, if your dataview is an Order and you want to select multiple products over a many-to-many association. Then you need to set the Multi Select Source to Order/Order_Product/Product.


Thanks for the reply.


How to give option values?

like this it is coming for me

i want different option values in different lines not in same line.


Thanks in advance.

please help here


“How to give option values?”

As show in your widget configuration screenshot, you defined an ‘Apple’ template attribute which is linked to an enitity attribute. You can then use ${Apple} placeholder in Display Template section to configure the display value.

“i want different option values in different lines not in same line.”

Could it be that the display template is incorrectly?