SAML SSO + Custom domain

Hi, In my app  I create a subdomain ( which is working well, I also use SAML module and I have created an automatic redirection on SAML in index.html.  When the app is launched we have which call our internal ADFS, the authentification works well but when the callback URL comes we go back to  So I made all the modification on SAML module SP Configuration to be sure that the new custom domain is only in the XML and this time I have an AFDS error message :  "AssertionConsumerService is configured on the relying party trust '' that is a prefix match of the AssertionConsumerService URL '' specified by the request. " So I don't understand why is still present in term of Callback and how to resolve this issue It's very urgent because we go in production tomorrow  Many thanks
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Did you set the ApplicationRootUrl to ‘’?

Environments > Details > Runtime > Custom Runtime Settings