Excel export how to use with multiple sheets

Hello team, I use an addon Excel exporter, to export my data into excel. Unfortunately, it works just with 1 sheet, and if I create a new sheet in a template, and also make connections between entity in a microflow  I receive a file just with 1 filled sheet and 2 empty. Does someone use it and know how it works correct?
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Hi Vsevolod,

When you are creating your template, are you creating multiple sheets under the worksheet section?


I just did a quick test and I was able to create an excel report with two sheets.  I would make sure that you have multiple sheets created in your template, and I would also make sure you are retrieving your template correctly. There is a button called “create report” that you can use to test with. 


Hope this helps!


Edit: Are you using the same input object for both sheets. Do these two fields match on both your sheets?