Excel Import

Hi, I am using this module for the very first time. I have gone through the documentation and followed all the necessary steps. my implementation: I have created an entity ImportFIle of generalization ExcelImporter.TemplateDocument with one 1-* association with ImportData entity on the name ImportData_ImportFile. I am able to import the file and the data present in the .xls file into mendix system, but these data are not being stored on the mentioned association(ImportData_ImportFile). So it’s becoming a tough task to retrieve the ImportData imported in that file. Can anyone suggest something? Note: I have used ImportData as Mendix object, ImportData_ImportFile as Reference to import objects and Synchronize as Import action.   Thanks in advance.
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Did you make a copy of IVK_ImportTemplateDocument and changed the object passed to StartImportByTemplate parameter ImportObjectParameter? Should be ImportFile in your case, but in most cases I split the document and the imported data.