GaugeChart display issue

Hi, I am using a GaugeChart inside two data views  first Data view is listening to another List view. And the second Data view is using a microflow as data source. I am able to see the data inside the second Data view but not able to see GaugeChart ? Datasource Microflow : Created one to one association between json_Object and Gauge_Wrapper configured Like this: Getting like this:
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Which Gauge chart? I built both, so eager to know which.

Could you add a print screen of the page as well as the settings of the widget?

[EDIT] – 13-6-2019

I tried to reproduce the issue based on your print screens, but all seems to work ok from my side (on Mendix 7.22.2):

Mendix setup:

On initial page load:


After clicking other item in listview:

Are you getting a JavaScript error in your browser console?

EDIT 22-6-2019:

Please check out the new version in the AppStore, version 1.3.0. Your issue should be fixed!