ExcelImporter does not commit objects

Dear, I'm facing an issue with the Excelimport after upgrading an application to Mendix 7 (currently running 7.23.5). It seems objects are not commited to the database?: when importing an excel file, I observe in the Mendix Console that the source file is read. It shows the statistics for the selected object: Statistics   -   FINAL statistics, Objects of type 'DataImport.MyObject'      Created: 820      Synchronized: 0      Not found: 0      Skipped: 0  Running the java action from mendix does not lead to any issues or errors. However, when I display the result screen of my import it doesn't show anything in the list of objects. No added objects can be found in my database either.   I have tried updating the Excel Importer from the app store and I have removed all order versions of Replication.jar (as suggestedin this forum post) but this did not solve the issue. Any suggestions to resolve this?   thanks
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