What is the difference between Email module with templates and SMTP Email module?

Hello Community, I have an application build with 6.10.4 modeler version. Now I am trying to upgrade it to 7.2.0 version. After upgrade, I want to use email notification process. For that when I look for the app store module, I found two app store modules, Email module with templates and SMTP Email module. I am confused like which should I use for better communication. Also please suggest me the best module for sending scheduled notifications. Thank you.
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Hello Venkatesh,

The module with templates also includes front-end templates which the user or an admin can customise on the go. In effect it let’s you edit emails to a certain extent without a deployment. Use whichever suits your use-case better.

Both modules can be used to send scheduled notifications, neither comes with any custom scheduler functionality as far as I’m aware.

Hope this helps.