Using a Token for the From and ReplyTo address in EmailTemplate module

Hi, I am trying to use a token for the ReplyTo and From fields in the Email Template but am getting an error message saying “$EmailTemplate/From isn't a valid email address.” I am setting the $EmailTemplate/From attribute in a microflow from the Email attribute within the Account entity. Is this something that should work or do the ReplyTo and From fields in the Email Template have to have a properly formatted email address and not a token? Cheers
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Why should you use the token replacer to do that? Could you not just replace the object with the right values? Just change the from field with the correct value. Or am I missing the point here?





You’re saying you’re using a token, but you’re also saying that you’re setting the Account/Emailaddress attribute as the $EmailTemplate/From attribute.

Which of the two is it?

Or are you creating a token for the Account/EmailAddress attribute which you then tokenreplace with the java action?

Have you debugged your flow to see what ends up in the $EmailTemplate/From and ReplyTo attributes?