General search (in different entities)

Hi all, Our customer is looking for a search function, where several different entities and attributes can be searched. It has to feel like a Google search within your application.  Anyone know if this is possible? We already searched the Mendix app store, but we did not find a lot of promising results.
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For a basic use case, the Lucene appstore module may suffice.


At Timeseries, We have encountered this problem as well, and we have built a custom solution for this. Building this all in Mendix is not a great idea, as there are solutions available which provide this capability (‘Google like searching’). Roughly, our solution lets a Mendix application expose the data it wants to be searched. A Java application retrieves this data periodically and ingests it into a search engine. We created a custom widget to query the search engine. If you are interested in this solution, you can send an email to


This can be related to Lucene, but you can implement it using a general interface using the OQL functions or XPath functions from the runtime API. One issue is the representation of what it is that you are searching for.

You can implement a meta representation using your own reflection or the one from the App store. What is displayed on the the page then are these representations, possibly in a heavily styled template grid.

An additional thing to implement is a mechanism taking the user to the actual thing once selected. This can be implemented as a possible runtime configurable entity[s]->page or entitie[s]→ microflow configuration. A lot of work, but well worth it.

If all of this is finished, spend some time looking at Lucene for tagging and indexing everything