Open Authentication Module can not select microflow resolving user

Hi, I try use “Open Authentication Module” to implement SSO(use google account), and I finished from step1 to step13 of its document, but when I click “OAuth Config menu”, then click “Select the microflow to resolve the user” which no microflow selected for me. This result means that no “microflow” entity in “MxModelReflection.Microflows” of database. Actually, I do not understand the step that “(step13)Synchronize your Model Reflection module and make sure that the data for the OAuthModule is created” . Could you help me?  Best Regards, Peng  
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Hello Peng, 

On the page with the MxModel synchronise button make sure you tick the module for OAuth and the module that contains the microflow you want to use. Then click sync again.

This should allow you to select the MF afterwards.

Hope this helps