SAP Logging Connector: Single-Sign-On

Hello everybody, every time I’m logging in to our Mendix built dashboard, I need to do the following steps: 1.Click on the button ‘Use SAP Cloud Platform IDP’.  2.Click on ‘’ for SAP single sign-on.   However, I want to get rid of the second step, so “SAP Cloud Platform IDP” brings me directly to the dashboard. Your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you very much! Jonas 
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My gut feeling is that SSO is not correctly configured. SAP should recognize that you already have a session and log you in. Unless offcourse you are not on your own internal network. Then it should provide you with this inlog screen above because there is no current session.





Thank you both for your answers! 

I do not think it is set up incorrectly. In my opinion, the first login scree is the default screen provided by Mendix and the second one the SAP specific one – would it be possible to somehow tell (e.g. via a microflow) the the Mendix log on connecter: “If clicked on Use SAP Cloud Platform IDP, automatically access”? 

However, is the Mendix login screen even accessible with a microflow? 


Thank you very much,