Listen to widget using D3TreeView widget

Does anyone know if it’s possible to listen to the D3TreeView widget? My goal is to display the contents of the selected node in the D3Treeview in a righthand pane so the tree is still visible.  If anyone has another solutions other than using the listen to widget would love to hear them as well! Thanks, Tracy
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Hi Tracy,

I created that widget. The way forward in which I got it to work (the only problem is that the widget will refresh which needs a new scenario, this code fix, in the widget code):

  1. Download the test project for the D3 TreeView widget, via: D3 TreeView Demo Project
  2. Add to the TreeViewWidgetObject entity an attribute called ‘Name’;
  3. Change the page D3TreeView by adding in the DataView a Layout Grid (6 and 6) and adding in 1 column the widget and in the other the ‘Name’ attribute field which was just created;
  4. Change the On Click Microflow triggered on click of a node in the treeview. In this microflow retrieve the correct TreeViewNode from the database and update the TreeViewWidgetObject entity with it's name and trigger a refresh on this entity.

This refresh triggers the display of the for instance name of the clicked on node:

Can you check whether this works for you?


Hi Ivo Sturm,

I am not able to enable on-Click event on node. I have added interaction microflow just to display a popup. But the microflow is not getting triggered. I have checked for access, Editability. Everything is fine. I have checked in D3 tree demo project in which i could add interactions. But that doesnt work in mine. I have attached a screenshot for reference. Thanks in advance.


Hi Ivo Sturm

I am facing a strange issue. hope you can help me out. 

The Get Tree View Node  Microflow used in the widget is getting called only for the first time widget is called in the application. 
post first call, the microflow doesnt get triggered even though the Outside Tree Widget gets refreshed or called.